Tales4Today (Sagesse2rue) is a social chronicle that revisits the wise fables of popular oral tradition, through short, modern and urban stories, shot just down the street.

- The majority of episodes are inspired by tales of wisdom, from different countries around the world. From different cultures and religions.
Some of these stories date back millennia...

These tales have lived through the centuries, adapting to the countries and cultures, that adopted them.

- Other episodes are more "distantly inspired" ...
Some stories are personal creations or experienced stories.But still, in the spirit of wisdom stories.

All these stories are adapted to our time, in our daily life.
Through these tales, the episodes address the themes of today:Tolerance , ecology, the value of work, the reception of migrants, religion, charity, racism, immigration, ... and more...

To create a social chronicle of our time.

The Sagesse2rue series aims to re-appropriate these tales of wisdom and their ways of thinking.
Inviting each of us to be attentive to the experiences of everyday life and how they can teach us to become better humans.